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SuperDocker 3.0.3

SuperDocker SuperDocker 3.0.3

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SuperDocker Publisher's Description

SuperDocker allows to customize parts of your Mac OS X Leopard. Using SuperDocker, you will be able to:
Display a 2D/3D Dock
Use transparency on hidden applications' icons
Add separation in the Dock
Modify the display of the Docks
Add stacks in recent elements
Display a border cadre around applications
Modify the display of the Stacks
Modify the effect of window minimisation in Finder
Modify the switching time between 2 spaces under Space
Modify the drawing time of dialog boxes
Display the complete path in the title bar
Display the hidden files
AForce new windows to open in tabs
Display the Debug menu in Safari
Display WebInspector in Safari
Choose to display or not a message after each new disk detection in Time Machine
Display the iCal debug menu
Activate the Data Detectors mod for iChat
Activate the Dashboard's Developper mode
Modify the display of the menubar
Modify the capture format
Modify the print dialog boxes' format
Modify the Mac OS X bootsplash

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